Animation artists, Rachel Tiep-Daniels and Margaret Wuller, were touched by their experiences volunteering at orphanages in Ghana and Mexico. They found that the children were immediately captivated with adults who could draw for them. Despite living in extreme poverty, and having limited exposure to forms of entertainment like movies, the children demanded drawings of characters like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Rachel and Margaret realized the far-reaching impact of their industry and were touched by the idea that no matter one’s position in life, drawing brings a smile to children’s faces, inspires them, and has the ability to connect people from around the world.  

Our Story

The PBP Foundation gives parents, artists, and art enthusiasts a way to help and inspire children in need. Our mission is to bring continued resources and support to orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world by:

•Providing financial support and supplies to organizations helping children in need so that they may continue providing these children with their basic living necessities;

•Bringing art and animation to the hands of children for their enjoyment and to encourage creativity, motivation and education; and

•Extending the talent and good will of the artist community to communities of children in need.

Our Mission
Board of Directors

Rachel Tiep-Daniels      president / founder

Margaret Wuller           secretary / founder

Russell Zack                 treasurer / founder

Michelle Zack               director / founder

Kimberly Daniels          director

Karen Dufilho-Rosen    director

Debora Marrocchino    director

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Rachel Tiep-Daniels was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Sudbury,

Massachusetts. She Studied at University of Miami's School of

Architecture and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Computer

Animation. With over 11 years of experience in the animation film

industry, Rachel has worked for both Blue Sky Studios and DreamWorks Animation as a Visual Development Artist and 3D Designer. Rachel's film credits include Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Shark Tale, Monsters vs Aliens, Shrek the Musical, Puss n' Boots, Guardians (2012) and Rio(2011).   

In July 2007, Rachel and her sister Kimberly Daniels volunteered at Save Widows And Orphans Development Center (SWODC) in Ghana West Africa. They spent time teaching, drawing, coloring and playing with an incredible group of children.  She realized quickly the value of bringing art and inspirtation to a childs life.  Coming back to the states it was clear that the journey was not over. Combining her passion for animation, art and the children of Ghana, she co-founded The Picture Book Project Foundation with fellow co-worker and friend, Margaret Wuller, Russel Zack and Michelle Zack. Through the foundation, she hopes to provide artists and educators a way to help and inspire children in need.

Rachel is currrently residing in New York City.

Margaret Wuller graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation & Illustration. She moved to New York City where she worked as a freelance designer for children’s animation on projects for Curious Pictures, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Mattel. After 5 years, Margaret left New York City for Lima, Peru. During her year living in Peru, she spent time volunteering at a local elementary school teaching English, while simultaneously learning Spanish, freelance illustrating, and traveling around South America. In 2007 Margaret returned to the United States and settled in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she began working as a Visual Development Artist for DreamWorks Animation. Missing the connection she had with the children in Peru, she decided to take a volunteer trip to several orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico with the non-profit organization Corazon de Vida. Her experiences with the wonderful children she met in Tijuana & Lima inspired her to begin The Picture Book Project Foundation with her friend & co-worker Rachel Tiep-Daniels, in order to create an avenue for artists to help and inspire children in need.

Russell Zack runs the financial business aspects of the Picture Book Project Foundation. In addition he is an Entrepreneur in Residence working in the Business Incubation team within the Emerging Technology Group at Cisco, focusing on new $1B growth opportunities and markets. Prior to Cisco, Russ was the Vice President of Product Management with Grab Networks (formerly Anystream), a leading provider of automated multi-platform software publishing solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. At Grab Networks, Russ was responsible for the strategic direction and definition of the company’s products and partnerships.

Previous to Grab Networks, Zack was the founder/COO of Cauldron Solutions, acquired by Anystream in 2007, and responsible for the day to day management of the company. Before co-founding Cauldron, he built several companies focused on the automotive and telecommunications industries. Previous industry-related experience includes his time spent as president and CEO of DragonFly Mobile Inc, a mobile data optimization and application company he founded in 2000. Russell was also President and co-founder of interactive media company, Sigma6 in 1994, which was acquired by AppNet in 1999.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Russ holds a BA degree in Digital Multi-Media from the University of Michigan and is a founder and board member of the Picture Book Project Foundation charity, which gives parents, artists, and art enthusiasts a way to help and inspire children in need.

Michelle Zack is Vice President at Edelman, a public relations agency.  She specializes in global corporate communications strategies and issues and crisis management.  She has managed media relations, thought leadership and special event programs in markets around the world.  Her clients have included various FORTUNE 100 companies in the transportation, aviation, technology and oil and gas industries. 

Michelle became involved with PBP Foundation in January 2008.  As a member of the board of directors, she helps manage the overall strategy of the organization, as well as PR and marketing efforts.  She also manages the relationship with Takeo Children’s Orphanage in Cambodia.  Michelle traveled to Cambodia in October 2009 to deliver funds raised for Takeo by PBP Foundation and to spend time with the children at the center.

Kimberly Daniels graduated from The American University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and immediately moved to the island of Roatan, located off the coast of Honduras, where she taught third grade for one year. Upon returning to the United States, Kimberly continued her studies at New York University, where she completed a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. During her time at NYU, she spent a summer in Senegal, West Africa, where she studied multicultural child development, as well as gender roles. Kimberly returned to West Africa in August 2007, where she went on her first orphanage trip to Ghana with her sister, Rachel.

Kimberly currently works as a professional counselor in a New York City public school. In addition, she is studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. At the completion of the program, Kimberly will be a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Her holistic approach to the wellness of children also includes teaching weekly, donation-based children’s yoga classes, as well as nutrition workshops for families and children.

Karen Dufilho-Rosen has been developing and producing animation for renowned directors and studios for over 17 years. She is the producer of Academy Award winning short films For the Birds and Geri’s Game for Pixar Animation Studios, where she helmed the Shorts Division and oversaw its promotional and franchise related efforts for A Bugs Life, Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story 2.

Currently working as a consultant specializing in family entertainment, Karen counts Laika, Lucasfilm Ltd., Francis Ford Coppola Presents, Digital Domain, Wyndcrest Holdings and Cinderbiter (Henry Selick's production company) as clients.  Karen serves as a director for the Picture Book Foundation, and is currently attached as Executive Producer at Sony Pictures Animation on an original concept by Stephan Franck (directing) with Dave Reynolds scripting.

Debora Marrocchino is Marketing Director at INVISION Inc. a media software company based in NYC.  Debora’s professional career experience lies in marketing, global brand management and licensing.  Her background encompasses roles at AOL in Corporate Events and Marketing, where she provided strategic planning and oversight for their industry events, new product launches, sponsorships, speaking opportunities, and philanthropy.  Debora also lived and worked in Madrid for five years as Marketing Director of Men's Health Magazine where she oversaw the branding and marketing development of seven offline & online properties. 

Debora is currently a volunteer for several charity organizations including Saint Francis Xavier Soup Kitchen (serving 1000 meals daily to homeless men and women in NYC), as well as, Pequeno Deseo, the Madrid-based children’s charity dedicated to granting wishes to terminally-ill adolescents in Spain.  Debora is the sole New York representative for the foundation.  Debora joined the PBP Foundation in December of 2010.  As a Director, she helps manage the strategic sponsorship and fundraising efforts of the organization.  She hopes her contributions and involvement will help PBP with their continued success in providing resources and support to orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world.

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